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Aviation Power maintains a large inventory of CFM56 and PW4000 engine parts in Spring Hill, FL.


It is especially tailored for the customers' cost reduction needs, based on our past experince during shop visits.

Our own inventory online management system and digital documentation together with well established partnerships with major players in the engine spares aftermarket and logistics network, enable us to provide what your engine needs in record time and at top quality.


Your upcoming engine overhaul can be planned in advance using the latest market sourcing and information analysis tools and the material will be repaired as necessary and ready to be delivered to the shop in time for assembly.


As an FAA acredited parts trader (see our Quality page), our experienced purchasing staff can work on provisioning high cost engine parts, in time for your engine build and save on your overall material cost.


All scrapped material from your engine shop visit can be reviewed by Aviation Power's engineers for a second opinion.

If any of this material is salvageable under OEM or DER repairs, it will be repaired by an approved repair station and remarketed by API as serviceable material at market prices or returned to your next engine shop visit.


We are tearing down engines either to extract value from your ageing asset by remarketing serviceable, high cost items, or to support the restoration of an engine you need on wing and within budget.

Reduce your engine's maintenance costs

Want to optimize your shop visit workscope?

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