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API’s internal inspection system provides the necessary quality instruments in detail to assure the continuity of inspection responsibility for all of our employees. API company inspection forms & procedures provide detailed explanations covering all the necessary elements as prescribed by AC 00-56B. 

The Quality Manager is responsible for the execution of all elements to assure our Customers the highest level of compliance with the product being purchased, whether it is a part from our stock or one of our engineering services or DER repair development.  All trace documents are maintained for each engine number that products are sold from and are available to our customers for review. 

The Quality System in force at API and is designed to maintain the highest levels of integrity of our product to the customer. 

Please click the thumbnails below for a PDF version of our certificates:

The following Federal Aviation Regulations were used as guidelines for developing our Quality System:



AC 00-56B        Voluntary Industry Distributor Accreditation Program


AC 20-62        Eligibility, Quality and Identification of Approved Aeronautical Replacement Parts


AC 21-2             Export Airworthiness Approvals Procedures


AC 21-20        Supplier Surveillance Procedures


AC 21-29           Detection and Reporting Suspected Unapproved Parts


AC 20-36        Index of Articles Certified Under the TSO System


AC 21-38         Disposition of Unsalvageable Aircraft Parts and Materials


AC 43-9             Maintenance Records


Order 8110.42   PMA Approval Procedures


Order 8130.21   Procedures for Completion and Use of FAA Form 8130-3


AC 145-3           Guide for Developing and Evaluating Repair Station Inspection Procedures Manuals

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