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Managing two consequent PW4060 shop visits

Aviation Power saved a leasing company an estimate of $2,000,000 by managing 2 PW4060 shop visits.


The Challenge


One of our customers needed to repair 2 engines from a Boeing 767 (Pratt&Whitney 4060-3), one with turbine failure.


The Aviation Power Solution


After review of engine documentation, engine current condition and previous shop visits and we decided to tear down the lower spec engine for spare parts, to overhaul the second engine and purchase a third engine as a replacement to the first one.

We managed the entire process on all three engines, from shipping to teardown to overhaul of parts, which were used to support the repair of the other engine, storage and sale of the remaining parts.


To return the aircraft to service, we looked for a serviceable engine on the market. A suitable candidate was found as a B747-400 non-ETOPS (Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards) PW4056. Aviation Power performed full due-dilligence on this engine and converted it to PW4060-3 full ETOPS configuration, without opening the engine.


Want to optimize your shop visit workscope?


Saving through Workscope Planning


Aviation Power saved an airline $380,000 by properly planning a 2 unrelated CFM56-3 shop visits.


The Challenge


One of our airline customers needed to repair 2 engines with different end of lease requirements.


The Aviation Power Solution


First, we planned for the LLP requirements by provisiong for replacements for runout parts (purchase, complete traceability and repair management) and orchestrating the swap of 5 LLPs from one engine to the other ($100,000 saved in purchasing alone).

Various changes on maintenance levels for modules and accessories and the supply of market value replacement parts accounted for a further $280,000 in savings compared to the original scope and contract prices.


Completing traceability for critical parts


Aviation Power saved a leasing company in excess of $1,000,000 by completing the back to birth traceability for parts.


The Challenge


A lessor had recently needed major overhaul for two PW4060 engines, Aviation Power was assigned to oversee the shop visit. A stack of expensive and hard to find LLPs was required.


The Aviation Power Solution


We located suitable parts that have been on the market for a long time because of missing paperwork. Using our contacts and thorough understanding of quality requirements, we have obtained the necessary documents to complete full traceability to birth of all and obtained the approval from the airline and repair shop to install the parts. 

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